Cordyceps (Multifunctional Dietary Supplement)
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What is Cordyceps?

Cordyceps is a fungus that lives on certain caterpillars in the high mountain regions of Nepal & China. Natural cordyceps is hard to get and may be expensive. Most supplements are made with cordyceps grown in a laboratory. 

Cordyceps is most commonly used for kidney disorders and male sexual problems. It is also used after a kidney transplant. It is also used for liver problems, improving athletic performance, and many other conditions but there is no good scientific evidence to support these uses. 

Greenbuti Cordyceps Health Benefits:-

1. May Boost Exercise Performance
2. Anti-Aging Properties
3. Potential Anti-Tumor Effects
4. May Help Manage Type 2 Diabetes
5. Possible Benefits for Heart Health
6. May Help Fight Inflammation