Chairman Message

About Chairman

Born to Krishna Prasad Dangaal and Goma Devi Dangaal on January 6, 1988, Raj Kumar Dangal comes from Kavre, Panchkhal, and is currently a chairman of iboss Global Marketing. He completed his primary education from Gyanodaya School and secondary education from Sarbamangala high school. He obtained his higher education from Pashupati campus, Kathmandu. 

From his early adolescent age, he was interested in business and faced many hurdles and challenges to establish himself in a current position. He has a wide range of experiences working as a moderator of Sanjeevani wellness care, hospitality business, co-operative firms and travel and tours operations.

Despite born in farmer family, he possesses the impressive quality of leadership and public speaking.

He has been in the business field since 2005 and is observing and studying this field very minutely. He stands firm in his belief of transforming and progressing community through mobilization of local manpower in the production of local/domestic products. He is leading the iboss Global marketing with a slogan of “Understanding Fundamental Consumer Business in the community for seeking prosperous natural life.”

Vision/ Insights of our company
Utilize natural resources, domestic products and skills for health, beauty, quality of life and economic prosperity and make/encourage the commercial promotion of such products through the proper use of local skills and manpower.

To spread public awareness of benefits of natural indigenous/domestic products and encourage the use of such products to excel in health and beauty in a natural way.
To promote/globalize such products by integrating currently exercised merchandise marketing method and elevate the financial status of community and participate them in the establishment of healthy, prosperous and flourishing Nepal.